Friday, December 22, 2006


AAA New York car and travel reports in january 2007 issue that there are even more cameras on the way to New York city streets.the legislature gave the city the green light to put up more cameras all over the city. but now it is required that local officals to submit annual safty report on camera safty issues. It's about time that they did these cameras make it more unsafe.The timing of the amber is off sometimes
by one sec or more, This can causes fear of people who get tickets unfairly to the point that they will hit the brake on completion of don't walk sign to be hit from behind hard.this is a real problem write to your congress and tell them to take them down Now!!!

Photo Enforcement gone wild

Flash goes the light and there goes your money. More cameras to be added to NYC according to news channel 4 New York. The city is gearing up for more photo enforced locations through out the city This is nothing compared to what will follow this is an outrage people should not be trapt between a moving car and a yellow light. we now live in a world of fear where people hit there brakes when they see the don't walk sign blink there eyes should be on the road. This is nothing more then a money trapt. please be cushioned when you drive in the new era of spy equipment stay informed with our news letter for updates on location of new equipment and other scams that are draining your money. and safety so that it benefits them John A Ciampa

Watch out for parking meter scams

This is just plain wrong go get receipt for windshield and in the time it takes to get receipt to place in windshieldyou receive a nice fine and when you try fight this it gets even better.when you try to fight they send you a reduction of ten dollars and if you refuse the judge you on the phone if you are found guilty then you must pay the original amount of ticket. beware

Beware one second missing off amber time

beware of the three second of two thingswill happen you get a ticket or you get in to rear end collision.ok maybe you will stop on time but there will come a time when the camera will get you on the tail end when you just made it but not by the camera standards.when you remove one sec from the amber time this causes people to drive in fear. you have to be thinking to much about the camera and not on the things that count like the flow of traffic get the point I was trying to make a sale in an local rep office not knowing and the guy said do you know your in a elcted officals office i said thats good can i speak to him or her please to see what they are doing about bringing down these cameras for the safty all mabe they can stand up for the people for once.