Friday, April 27, 2007

Cameras To Spy For

We are entering a very dark age of cameras that watch our every move. In the past months in New York many types of cameras are emerging. Next time you go for a drive take a look up on any new post some are round & tinted,regular single video, and lot of other crazy looking things. I will add pictures latter or if you would like to email me some I will post them as well. In the mean time keep your eye on the spy in the sky.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Will a delay on the green light help

I think that a delay in the green light would be a good thing. I was talking to a man who runs a driving school and we got to talking. We where talking about photo enforcement cameras a the amber time of the lights the cameras are set to.

I think if the amber time is to low it causes people to have more accidents and makes more people go through the light for a money. He told me that before they had amber lights the

light would go from green to red no amber. So he says people who are careful don't have to worry. I think that before amber the green must have been delayed so that the intersection could clear.

And if not they should delay the green at photo enforcement intersections wher the amber is low for the sake of money.

What do you think?

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

VA Tech Shooting

I know this is off topic but it need to be said.What happened a VA Tech has me at a lost for words.First I would like to address the family to whom I turn to in there time and say. I'm so sorry for your loss I sorry this happened to you or anybody for that matter. There is no need for something like this take place under our nose without

warning. What do we teach our kids about other people. In this case it was not about the jock or popular people. This was about Rich and Poor how can this happen and no one notice. That is the question people will be asking did we learn nothing from the past

or is the answer in our future well it seems that way.So lets not let the lost of these Young Adults not be use for fuel for change.We must do something The answer is within our grasps.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Whatch out long island NY

There was a article in the News day here on long Island about photo enforcement red light cameras that Tom Suozzi wishes to have installed full story at News Day

Traffic Camera News Says

Photo enforcement cameras on the way for Long island drivers to deal with.This system has made lot of money for the city and now they are coming for your hard earned dollars.These cameras cause more problems the they solve stay tuned for more info on this and other photo enforcement issues.