Wednesday, May 21, 2008

MTA make drivers pay red light camera tickets

according to a few drivers i spoke to if the bus receives a red light camera ticket the driver must pay. Not only pay but also face a suspension. The problem with this is the bus is forty ft or more in length. Now as i said in other post the timing on some lights are faster the they should be on the Amber. This is done on purpose to generate mass profits for the system.

Problem two the bus is forty ft and even if we say the Amber's were correct and it was 4 seconds. A bus going at the speed limit who is driving under that light at first sign of Amber might not clear before that picture snaps although it has passed the intersection. the cameras are positioned to get the bus or car after it clears that point of safety.

Problem three this force the drivers to have to be nervous at these light. One bus i was on the other day was trying to figure out the light timing it change so fast the driver tried to stop only to stop in the middle of the intersection where cars would be passing . If these lights where not there the driver could clear the yellow on time. this is how they want you to feel in the intersection nervous so you slow down in the middle of a fast paced yellow sometimes the amber is illegal and unfair.

Problem 4 rear end collisions on the rise from the fear of passing a yellow light not a red see where the problem is here . and to charge a driver who has to feed his family and protect his or her passengers its just not right and to suspend that driver is anger some to me.

I will be trying to contact the MTA about this problem and will be bring it to you and the main stream news..

also see my you tube series exposing the MTA