Friday, December 4, 2009

PhantoTraffic Camera News Phantom Alert Fox 5 Report

Joe Scott Spokesman from Phantom Alert formally known as the makers the Photoblocker Spray. I was a New york City spokesman for this Magic Spray did three new Public Relations spots in the Mainstream NYC news. The Article in the New York Post was called The Great Plate Escape. The Spray was controversial back then and had two sometime three side arguments. Like Peter Rivera assembly man from the Bronx arguing Safety concerns of people running red lights the city set up in their favor by leaving less amber time for people to stop here is a post about Driving habits around red light cameras.

How Red light cameras systems put drivers at risk.

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In the video below Joe Scott speaks with Fox 5 about the Phantom Alert System for drivers with GPS systems.

How do Red light cameras make you feel we want to know?

Do these photo enforcement cameras make you feel safe or not please tell me your nightmare stories these need to be shared with others so they don't have the same problems in the future as we do now with these systems that my opinion whats yours.

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