Monday, December 24, 2007

Photo Enforcement cameras love the holidays

The people from the photo enforcement programs love the holidays. The holidays bring out more cars shopping and running around from place to place. Often these people have so much on there mind it's Hard for them to pay attention. With timings on lights the way they are now it's hard to watch for the wrong doings of these cameras.

So don't spend all the money on gifts you may have to pay some big fines soon enough.

Or buy a Nav alert system to alert you or a loved one when you approach these light with photo cameras embeded in them or around them. Most People Have 2.5 Seconds To React to a Speed Trap. With A GPS Detector You'll have All Week.

Be safe Happy Holidays.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Unfair Red Light Cameras snap unjust photos

My brother and i were driving and i stoped with front tires just over the white line. I seen the flash and look to see who set it off only to find that it might have tried to take my plate eventhough i stoped not in the cross walk but just over the white line by three inches. So if this is true they are really going to far as to fear us to stop then have a secret plan that even if you try to follow thier rules you will get fined from a ticket in the mail.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Across the contry people are starting to question these cameras

In just about ever state motorist are crying fowl at the red light camera system also known as photo enforcement. These cameras can not be trusted a some states have even taken them down by judges orders. Other states are still out on this one one city in Ohio is investigating these cameras that don't seam right. here is a link to an article on this topic done by Newnet5 in Ohio

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

9/11 Event, Genoside, Chemtrails, Satanism & Bohemian Grove.

This is of topic but very interesting more so about those bills.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Your next door neighbor has a radar gun

Your neighbor may now be the one to give you that ticket or warning summons by radar gun as you drive by. The ticket will sent by mail I feel this will disrupt communities around the country by causing in fighting and hate. This is wrong and should not be tolerated call your local state office and tell them how you feel good or bad. I found this story in USA Today it's good reading.

Drive Safely spread the word.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

How do these cameras make you feel

Do these photo enforcement cameras make you feel safe or not please tell me your nightmare stories these need to be shared with others so they don't have the same problems in the future as we do now with these systems that my opinion whats yours.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Collisions Increase At Intersections With Traffic Cameras

I have written many post about this same topic at

read more | digg story

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Find Traffic camera Locations nation wide

I thought that this list of photo enforcement locations might help you a little more. I have a link on this page that not in a post if you need to find it again. Here It is for Now Traffic Camera locations.

The more You know the better you can protect Your family they sell a gps alert system to let you know when the light is coming. The reason for this is that photo enforced intersections are known to have short amber times.

For more details on the alert system please see link on this page.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Sunday, September 30, 2007

I will be going out to some lights with a camera

It seems to me that even some light with out cameras change to quickly. I wonder if this is also for the same reasons as the camera locations. Money and greed may play a big role. Even if there is no camera if you blow the light You will be stopped by a police car and get that unfair ticket for a light that gives no time to stop before the cycle is complete.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hurry get Your name on the unemployable list before it's too late.

You don't want to continue working for someone what You need is to be unemployable to the point that Your money is the only one employed in this relationship. So if You like the sound of this the join me on my blog and listen to our podcast coming soon with big name interview from those who are already unemployable and are willing share their story

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New way to travel that's sweeping the nation

We are about to book a wholesale dream trip as our own travel agents. Using the site we own with a company thats on the cover of Your business at home on stands this month June 11th 2007.please see this travel agent movie it runs about five minutes. Learn how we travel wholesale on dream vacations.1516-924-2403 call John for more info.

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George Bush Caught Lying about 9/11 - See for yourself [VID]

He's lied on many topics, but its always difficult to prove it when there is spin and PR, but here a Journalist has 100% locked down his lie. See for yourself.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Some people just dont get it

I spoke to lots of truck owners who think it's the drivers fault when the get a photo enforce ticket at a red light camera. What they don't know is the amber in some cases has been tuned to meet the needs of the system that has a lot to make if there are these little timing problems. also a truck could be passed the light with the cab on yellow but be red at the tail with an amber that is false.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Traffic camera podcast coming soon

I will be starting a Traffic camera podcast so stay tuned talk to You soon. This will happen asap I have 14 blogs to do this so maybe twice a month three tops for each blog.

Monday, August 6, 2007

I always said this and truly believe this

red light cameras do cause more accidents then they stop while creating a wealth of income for those who run the programs. here is more new from The News Paper about the safety in VA intersections that are controlled by photo enforcement cameras.

story by

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

man uses custom plate to foil cameras

man uses plate with funny numbers and letters to keep the camera inspectors confused.

Story Here

story By The news paper

also see story about city's that will not put up cameras on home page of the news paper

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Drivers forced to watch don't walk signs to know when light changes near

I have said this over and over again and will die saying that that these cameras are dangerous. People have to try and feel that short yellow light out the best way is to watch the don't walk sign. If the side facing You says don't walk and is blinking then start to slow down. Walk is cool to go for it and last but not least if it says don't walk and is solid then this spells ticket or rear end collision or very close call.

We as Americans should not have to drive in fear with short Amber's that force us to drive like animals. This is wrong and must stop and in some state the courts ruled to take down the cameras because they are unconstitutional. I would love to thank that Judge

This video was taken from You Tube and will show that the photo enforcement program is being run by greedy people all out for a fast buck on the human race who dont know any better.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Mayors Congetion plan will have an impact on bussiness

We want clean air and no traffic Yet when its time to do something we say no. the question here should be is that because we think its wrong for NYC?

here is an well done writeup on the impact this would have. and once there see other links they have about this topic.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New Traffic Camera Alert

In the past few months there have been new cameras installed in photo enforced intersection. The new cameras have the flash lifted off the camera by 6 FT. The reason for this is simply. This will allow the camera to take a picture even if You have the photo blocker spay on the plate. by putting the flash higher it does not blind the camera with the flash like the old cameras with the flash set in the camera.

About third of the cameras have been change to the new style The spray still works on the old. the best way to handle this is to push to bring the cameras down. Also You can buy Nav alert to add to Your ride to alert You we you come near cameras or speed traps where cops hide.

The BIGGEST Invention Since Radar Detectors. The END TO SPEEDING TICKETS.

Amber times are false even in non photoenforced intersections

I noticed something odd about the red lights in Long beach LI NY. I will not name the intersection yet I will video tape it and add it here. I just don't want long beach to change timing before I get chance to tape it. This means that not only does the local government make money in photo enforcement intersections. They also covered regular intersections and the timing seems to be even less in these intersections then in the photo enforced one's.

PS I would love it if You could send info and or video on the timing of the lights in You area. You can use Your cell phone and email them to
we will add them to the blog.

to see more on this topic go to National motorist association You have to see this

Please don't road rage go to PlateWire to report the plates of bad drivers. This will help you get it off Your chest.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Red Light Cameras Cause More Accidents

I always said this was true the way people feel around these cameras is fear. Not because they are doing wrong. It's the way the system is "Set To Get" Your money and on most Photo enforced lights the Amber time may not be what it should . This will cause
accidents and when you add the fear you get people watching the do not walk/walk signs for a sign to hit the brake or gas This is wrong.

I came across this news clip You should see this if you want to know more about the system,Accident rate and how to be heard if You think you have done Nothing Wrong You May be right.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

No more tickets with the help of GPS know where the cops set up speed traps and red light cameras.

Monday, June 4, 2007

What makes you mad about photo enforcement

We want to no what makes you mad about the photo enforcement system please leave a comment telling about what You hate or like about It.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Some Tickets Are Worth Paying For

Event tickets are a big market thats why seat sell out fast with the help of big name websites that know what to do to get great seats. You only live once that's why you should make memories and that's worth it's weight in gold.

I added An event ticket section called The People's Ticket Choice to this blog these are top rated sites that have good selection and most of all they are trustworthy
and reliable.

Buy MLB Baseball Tickets at RazorGator

Click here for tickets to your favorite concert or show!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Peak at traffic From cams around NYC

07online has a map to all traffic camera cams so You can take a peak before you squeak.
Go to the map. Then click on NYC area you want,pick intersection and view the traffic before heading out the door.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Know Your Locations Or Pay A big Fine

There is a link on the page where you can check locations nation wide. have you ever heard the old saying knowing is half the battle. Well the other half is the tool to fight back. On this page there is a link to get the magic clear spray or nav alert system in this post the spay was tested by the Denver police with their cameras to show that the spray

works. They did this in front of fox new and other new outlets. The other tool is nav alert system that work with GPS to tell you when you are two hundred feet from the photo enforced intersections this is new to the market and is a real smart move to buy.

As always be safe and to be push around by con artist posing as the arm of the law.

Here Is that link I promised You All Thank You John

Avoid Costly Traffic Tickets. Make Your Car Invisible to Red Light and Speed Cameras

Monday, May 21, 2007

Traffic camera News will be on Hofstra Radio

powered by

Tomorrow on WRHU Hofstra university radio 88.7 long Island New York. They are have Me John A Ciampa and Traffic Camera News on the show At 8:05 Am we will be talking about the scam behind the photo enforcement program. If you miss the show it will be hipcasted onto Traffic Camera News.
Thank You
Be safe

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Check out this related site called Scamera I think you get it just from the title. I said it before I'll say it again these photo enforcement cameras are one big scam. Either the amber time is fixed or they just don't work. One person got a 487 mile per hour fine by photo for seeding in their car. How fast is your car?

This magic spray can be purchased through a banner link on bottom of the page and mid page.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Cameras To Spy For

We are entering a very dark age of cameras that watch our every move. In the past months in New York many types of cameras are emerging. Next time you go for a drive take a look up on any new post some are round & tinted,regular single video, and lot of other crazy looking things. I will add pictures latter or if you would like to email me some I will post them as well. In the mean time keep your eye on the spy in the sky.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Will a delay on the green light help

I think that a delay in the green light would be a good thing. I was talking to a man who runs a driving school and we got to talking. We where talking about photo enforcement cameras a the amber time of the lights the cameras are set to.

I think if the amber time is to low it causes people to have more accidents and makes more people go through the light for a money. He told me that before they had amber lights the

light would go from green to red no amber. So he says people who are careful don't have to worry. I think that before amber the green must have been delayed so that the intersection could clear.

And if not they should delay the green at photo enforcement intersections wher the amber is low for the sake of money.

What do you think?

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

VA Tech Shooting

I know this is off topic but it need to be said.What happened a VA Tech has me at a lost for words.First I would like to address the family to whom I turn to in there time and say. I'm so sorry for your loss I sorry this happened to you or anybody for that matter. There is no need for something like this take place under our nose without

warning. What do we teach our kids about other people. In this case it was not about the jock or popular people. This was about Rich and Poor how can this happen and no one notice. That is the question people will be asking did we learn nothing from the past

or is the answer in our future well it seems that way.So lets not let the lost of these Young Adults not be use for fuel for change.We must do something The answer is within our grasps.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Whatch out long island NY

There was a article in the News day here on long Island about photo enforcement red light cameras that Tom Suozzi wishes to have installed full story at News Day

Traffic Camera News Says

Photo enforcement cameras on the way for Long island drivers to deal with.This system has made lot of money for the city and now they are coming for your hard earned dollars.These cameras cause more problems the they solve stay tuned for more info on this and other photo enforcement issues.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Never get a ticket again

There is something new when it comes to photo enforcement.this is called Nav alert and is made to work with Gps systems to let you know when you are coming through a photo enforced area where the cameras are going bad.


I have great news to share. Today, on the Howard Stern Show, we launched our newest satellite-based red light and speed camera driver warning system. These GPS based devices are designed to warn drivers of all impending speed traps, red light and speed cameras in North America. They are guaranteed to help you avoid costly traffic tickets by giving you enough advance warning on impending traps. In addition to our best-selling passive anti-red light camera protection products, we will also be adding Radar and Laser Detectors.


How it works
Over the past several years we have been mapping out the locations of all red light, speed camera and speed traps in USA and Canada. Using 24 GPS satellites that are overhead our NavAlert system tracks all traffic enforcement locations and devices to give you audible warning upon approach. (see below)

Click here to watch how it works: VIDEO

NavAlert Red Light Speed Camera Warning System

Click here to watch how it works: VIDEO

* Lighter Plug Installation
* Alerts To Every type of Red Light Speed Camera in USA and Canada
* Uses SIRF GPS technology
* GPS data via USB can supply your laptop or cell phone GPS NMEA data

The NavAlert speed camera detector can store around 150,000 positions in its database. All cameras in North America covered. The speed camera locations can be divided into different data sets, to distinguish between such positions as fixed speed cameras, possible mobile camera positions, red light cameras, schools, and high collision areas.
The tiny NavAlert unit has an LED display on the front of the unit, which provides additional information to the voice announcements. While driving normally it will display the current speed. When a warning is triggered, a chime is heard followed by an announcement such as "camera ahead limit 60" , the speed limit at the camera site will flash , before going back to displaying the vehicles speed. This will typically happen at 500 meters from the camera position, . A second chime is heard at 200 yards from the camera site, and if the vehicle is still over the speed limit, a continuous warning is heard "reduce speed" + warning sound until the vehicle speed drops to the speed limit, or the camera site is passed at which time a all clear chime is herd.

Detects to Gatso, Truvelo, SPECS, Speedmaster, DS2, traffic light cameras, high traffic collision areas and all other permanent safety cameras, The detector will give an over-speed warning in close proximity to the camera if exceeding the speed limit, but will automatically mute when within the speed limit, The driver is advised of only cameras on the road they are driving along, thereby negating false alerts, The driver is advised as they approach high collision areas, GPS speedometer, Announces close proximity to schools Monday - Friday 08:00 - 5:00, (school zones can be switched off) Displays the current location as Latitude and Longitude, which can be relayed to the emergency services or breakdown authorities.

The NavAlert is easy to install. In the box there is a small rubberized magnet, with a peel off sticky base. The user simply has to remove the sticker cover, and position the magnet on the top of their dashboard. Insert the power jack into the cigar lighter, and plug the other end of the lead into the NavAlert unit, then place on top of the magnet. It is now ready to use.
The NavAlert is very easy to update via our website. The user simply logs onto the website, and plugs the unit into the PC via the USB cable (supplied). The user clicks the update database button on the front page of the website, and follows a few simple instructions.

Weight 0.50 lbs


Saturday, March 24, 2007

Corpus Christi Cameras

By Eric Skrum, NMA Communications Director

Corpus Christi, Texas is experiencing a drop in red-light tickets at intersections where the yellow light was increased by three-quarters of a second. Despite the decrease in tickets, the city is still fixated on red-light violations.

The solution would seem to be an additional increase in yellow-light time. The Texas Transportation Institute released a study in 2004 that showed by increasing the yellow-light time by one full second, a forty percent decrease in collisions can be achieved. Since Corpus Christi engineers only increased the yellow light time by three-quarters of a second, an increase of a full second or more would achieve better results. Other proven engineering solutions could also be explored.

Unfortunately, this is not the sensible avenue the city will pursue. Like many other cities in Texas, Corpus Christi officials are currently accepting bids from five different photo enforcement companies.

When discussing the reasons for using red-light cameras, city officials initially cite safety. However, the focus of any subsequent reports is primarily the revenue. The camera system will not cost the city a dime. The camera manufacturers will install and maintain the equipment in exchange for a cut of every ticket issued. In some states where cameras are used, this cut can be as high as seventy percent of the ticket fine. No word yet on how much of the ticket fine Corpus Christi will need to fork over to the camera vendors.

Additionally, there is no discussion regarding the many independent studies that show intersections with red-light cameras experience an increase in accidents. The only studies cited come from agencies with a financial interest in the cameras and the money they generate.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Cooking The Books For Photo Enforcement

By Eric Skrum, NMA Communications Director

A recent article in The Daily Courier made the claim that the various photo enforcement programs in Arizona are losing money.

“To uncover the truth about one of law enforcement’s most controversial traffic-controlling strategies, the Courier contacted each of the six Arizona municipalities currently using photo radar and discovered one common truth: from Scottsdale to Paradise Valley, they all are losing money every year.”

The problem with this statement is that it isn’t true. There are quite a few ways to hide the fact that the cities are making money. One of the most blatant accounting lies was uncovered in Arizona v. Gillespie.

These cities are counting the salaries of officers who are supposed to review camera tickets, but the truth is, THEY DO NOT review anything.

In Arizona v. Gillespie, the court ruled:

“In the matter before this court, the certifier/complainant, Bill Harper, testified that he does not see the complaint before the computer signs it, and that no one compares the photo on the photo radar record with the photo on the putative defendant’s driver’s license. Harper stated that he does not compare the photos unless he is preparing for trial and that the only time the prosecutor’s office will procure the driver’s license photo for him to make a comparison is when an attorney has filed a notice of appearance. Harper further testified that in non-attorney trials, a defendant’s driver’s license photo is not obtained at all.

“Under this system, no one can certify with the slightest degree of accuracy or truthfulness that the person receiving the ticket is the actual driver. There is no human involvement in the certification process whatsoever. The procedure clearly violates A.R.S. § 28-1561.”— Arizona v. Gillespie, Superior Court of Arizona-Maricopa County, 10/21/2005. Lower Court Case No. PR200500555

If you take out the salary of the officer who is supposed to be reviewing these citations, but isn’t, suddenly the cities show a profit. This isn’t the only trick the cities are using to cook the books, but it is the easiest to document.

What is really telling is that these cities feel the need to hide the profits from these cameras. If they are playing with their numbers to show an economic loss, does this really inspire confidence in their numbers that illustrate the cameras are effective in decreasing accidents?

Saturday, March 17, 2007

National Motorist Association 2002 Press Release

National Stop On Red Week should be renamed "get a ticket camera and make money." This is a public relations device used to promote the use of red light cameras and raise revenue for unethical cities, while ignoring proven solutions that reduce accidents.

Actual experience has shown that the most likely solution to intersections with high rates of violations is a simple increase in the yellow light duration. Yet, ticket camera merchants and revenue-strapped cities refuse to apply this inexpensive engineering solution. They prefer to apply cameras that reward the city for poor engineering practices.

Every study that supports red light cameras has been discredited. It has been shown in each instance where red light cameras were credited to have decreased accidents, that the real cause was an engineering improvement to the intersection. Even the AAA has stated that engineering solutions should be the preferred method of decreasing violations.

But something as simple as increasing the yellow light duration has continually been rebuffed in favor of profit.

Ticket cameras greatest practical harm is that they reward and perpetuate improper installation, maintenance and operation of traffic lights. Motorists should not be penalized and cities rewarded because cities have failed their responsibility to provide safe, properly engineered intersections. Ticket cameras cannot correct traffic signal flaws and they do not eliminate intersection accidents.

If you would like to find more detailed information on ticket cameras versus real solutions to intersection violations and accidents, please visit

The National Motorists Association (NMA) was established in 1982 to represent the interests and rights of North American motorists. It operates at the national level and through a system of state chapters. The NMA is supported through the contributions of individuals, families and small businesses. For more information about the NMA, call 608-849-6000, Email us at, or visit the NMA web site at

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 6, 2002
CONTACT: Eric Skrum, Communications Director
608-849-6000 or

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Report what you see to Traffic camera news

We invite you to keep the world informed about all traffic cameras,speed traps,and things that just seem wrong. Take video and add to the group or just plain text we want to know. If you have a story let us know and we will cover it.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

MN redlight cameras have disappeared

On September 22,2006 According to Minnesota court of appeals upheld an the first court decision that the stop on red program was nothing short of illegal. It also takes away your liberties and rights it's good to see that we are gaining a voice in the every growing big brother society that is being formed around the reason that this is wrong is that these cameras are not reliable at all.Fight back never put blinder on.

Drop in red light tickets and rear end collisions

It's like I always tell people about Photo enforcement cameras is that if the amber time is under what is allowable by law.Then you don't have enough time to stop with out triggering off the flash that takes the picture of your plate. like I seen in an article on the National Motorist Association blog is that in Corpus Christi last year when the increased the amber by three quarters of a second a forty percent decrease in rear end collisions will follow as well as less tickets.

Protect Yourself back by the news everywhere

Find out how you can avoid getting a red light camera ticket

Friday, March 9, 2007

Plate Wire Road Rage No More

Have you ever had road rage before if you said yes then you need to log on to simply report that driver and his plate and tell the world what you are thinking get it off your chest.This way the hate can't get the best of you it's very enlightening and allows you to move on. So next time you get cut off give it a try.You have nothing to lose this is a free service and will allow you to feel good about yourself again.Platewire Has been in the news across the country and is growing every single day by leaps and bounds with the help of angry motorists that need to off load their feelings. always use caution while driving.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

More red light cameras for New Jersey Drivers

According to fox 5 news New York there are lots more cameras coming to a town near you in new Jersey. I'm sure you are full of joy to learn that more cameras that do not work are on the way to cause problems for expecting drivers who are trying to do the right thing and just can't seem to stop on time with the time the way it is. This is wrong and needs to be corected. you can drive like you are being watched witch will eventually get you killed if you hit the brake to hard and the light has not fully changed yet.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Watch for the eye in the sky

There are cameras everywhere this day and age but what are they watching anyway.
Safety is one thing but to watch to give tickets and pray on the weak when it is the system that is flawed is just plain wrong if you would like to know where these cameras and lights are go to
PS this is a camera shot from a bus going to a park in Disney World. Is there any place that's safe from the eye in the sky. In the park is one thing but to give tickets to people who are visiting is another story please tell you stories we would love to hear

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Dont Get hit from behind

Becareful when stopping short on first sign of yellow You mabe struck from behind.This is happining more and more each and every day this is due to bad yellow light timing.

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Reveiw in Los Angles Times

Fuzzing up the policing picture
A license-plate spray thwarts cameras set up to catch drivers running red lights.
But what of safety -- and the law?

By Jeanne Wright, Special to The Times - Jan 5 2005

A product that hides license plates from traffic-enforcement cameras at intersections may appeal to those frustrated by malfunctioning cameras but poses a major safety threat from those who hope to use it to slip through red lights.

For $30 a can, Photoblocker sprays on a high-gloss permanent reflective finish on a license plate.

"The glossy surface acts as a mirror to reflect a photo-radar flash back to the camera, overexposing the image," says Joe Scott, marketing director at PhantomPlate Inc., maker of the spray. As a result, the plate is unreadable and the driver avoids an expensive citation, usually in the hundreds of dollars.

Whether it's legal or not in California is unclear. LAPD spokesman Jack Richter says any product that makes a license plate unreadable is illegal. But CHP spokesman Tom Marshall says there has been no definitive ruling. "It's a sticky issue" that will have to be litigated or legislated, he says.

Legal or not, the product is sure to become a hot issue.

"I shouldn't be surprised that someone has come up with a product that actually helps people evade red-light cameras, ostensibly encouraging them to run red lights," says Candysse Miller, executive director of the Insurance Information Network of California.

"Why would anyone with a conscience encourage people to run red lights?" she asks. "What's next? A product to block security cameras at the corner 7-Eleven?"

The unnerving beauty of this product is that, according to its makers, there is no way you can spot a license plate that has been sprayed with the solution. Unlike covers that completely conceal the plate number and are illegal, the spray is invisible to the naked eye. Only the red-light camera would find the plate unreadable, Scott says.

The executive denies that his company's product encourages reckless driving. "We do not condone speeding or running red lights," he says. He argues that the spray is legal and that most drivers caught by the cameras did not intend to run the light. Domestic and international sales of Photoblocker have reached more than 250,000, he says.

It certainly doesn't take a rocket scientist to know how dangerous it is to blast through red lights with impunity. Police and others who see the carnage firsthand understand how serious a threat red-light runners are to others.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that 1,000 people a year are killed and 50,000 injured in accidents involving running red lights. From 1999 to 2003, there were 4,846 fatal red-light-running crashes, with 5,340 deaths.

"Red-light running is unpardonable. It's right behind drunk driving, speed and lack of seat belt use in lives lost needlessly," says Harry Teter, executive director of the American Trauma Society. "People are in such a hurry, they are willing to take dangerous and unnecessary risks."

Do Photoblocker and similar products work? It depends on the type of traffic enforcement camera and how it's positioned, according to LAPD Sgt. Steven Foster, who heads the department's automated camera enforcement program.

So far, Foster says, the LAPD has not seen a rash of intersection photos with blocked-out license plates. "We see some occasional blurring," he says.

Motorists who oppose red-light-camera enforcement view it as intrusive. They often point to cases where drivers have been wrongly ticketed because of equipment malfunctions or human errors. Critics of red-light cameras contend cities install the cameras primarily to generate revenues.

"It's all about the revenues, not safety," Scott says. "Law-abiding citizens are being ticketed unjustly."

But the LAPD's Richter says he's appalled that a product would allow people to run red lights without being punished. People who are spending money on a spray to hide their license plate numbers "are going through a lot of effort to break the law. Why don't they save themselves the money and drive safely?"

Meanwhile, Scott says sales of Photoblocker skyrocketed during the holiday season.

"It's the perfect gift. It's permanent. It will last a lifetime," he says.

Of course if you're in the habit of running red lights, your life expectancy may not be all that long.

Jeanne Wright can be reached at