Thursday, June 28, 2007

Mayors Congetion plan will have an impact on bussiness

We want clean air and no traffic Yet when its time to do something we say no. the question here should be is that because we think its wrong for NYC?

here is an well done writeup on the impact this would have. and once there see other links they have about this topic.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New Traffic Camera Alert

In the past few months there have been new cameras installed in photo enforced intersection. The new cameras have the flash lifted off the camera by 6 FT. The reason for this is simply. This will allow the camera to take a picture even if You have the photo blocker spay on the plate. by putting the flash higher it does not blind the camera with the flash like the old cameras with the flash set in the camera.

About third of the cameras have been change to the new style The spray still works on the old. the best way to handle this is to push to bring the cameras down. Also You can buy Nav alert to add to Your ride to alert You we you come near cameras or speed traps where cops hide.

The BIGGEST Invention Since Radar Detectors. The END TO SPEEDING TICKETS.

Amber times are false even in non photoenforced intersections

I noticed something odd about the red lights in Long beach LI NY. I will not name the intersection yet I will video tape it and add it here. I just don't want long beach to change timing before I get chance to tape it. This means that not only does the local government make money in photo enforcement intersections. They also covered regular intersections and the timing seems to be even less in these intersections then in the photo enforced one's.

PS I would love it if You could send info and or video on the timing of the lights in You area. You can use Your cell phone and email them to
we will add them to the blog.

to see more on this topic go to National motorist association You have to see this

Please don't road rage go to PlateWire to report the plates of bad drivers. This will help you get it off Your chest.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Red Light Cameras Cause More Accidents

I always said this was true the way people feel around these cameras is fear. Not because they are doing wrong. It's the way the system is "Set To Get" Your money and on most Photo enforced lights the Amber time may not be what it should . This will cause
accidents and when you add the fear you get people watching the do not walk/walk signs for a sign to hit the brake or gas This is wrong.

I came across this news clip You should see this if you want to know more about the system,Accident rate and how to be heard if You think you have done Nothing Wrong You May be right.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

No more tickets with the help of GPS know where the cops set up speed traps and red light cameras.

Monday, June 4, 2007

What makes you mad about photo enforcement

We want to no what makes you mad about the photo enforcement system please leave a comment telling about what You hate or like about It.