Monday, December 24, 2007

Photo Enforcement cameras love the holidays

The people from the photo enforcement programs love the holidays. The holidays bring out more cars shopping and running around from place to place. Often these people have so much on there mind it's Hard for them to pay attention. With timings on lights the way they are now it's hard to watch for the wrong doings of these cameras.

So don't spend all the money on gifts you may have to pay some big fines soon enough.

Or buy a Nav alert system to alert you or a loved one when you approach these light with photo cameras embeded in them or around them. Most People Have 2.5 Seconds To React to a Speed Trap. With A GPS Detector You'll have All Week.

Be safe Happy Holidays.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Unfair Red Light Cameras snap unjust photos

My brother and i were driving and i stoped with front tires just over the white line. I seen the flash and look to see who set it off only to find that it might have tried to take my plate eventhough i stoped not in the cross walk but just over the white line by three inches. So if this is true they are really going to far as to fear us to stop then have a secret plan that even if you try to follow thier rules you will get fined from a ticket in the mail.