Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Red Light Camera Shoot Out

OK This is the craziest thing we at Traffic Camera News have ever seen. At the intersection of College Point Blvd & Lie service rd west bound. There is a Photo enforcement camera that must have givin a ticket to one crazy mother trucker. There must have been about 15-20 bullet holes in the back of this camera. Listen up people there is a better way to end this madness shooting thinkg up is just not fair game but what is fair games is the new Nav Alert system. This system will alert you two hundred ft before the photo enforced intersection.So you can ajust your self to the fast paced ambers that must red light cameras may have it's been proven by the main stream new media That doing this will make they photo enforcement system more money protect yourself!!!!!!

GPS Invention Gives You the Edge Over Speed Traps, Radar And Cameras. In One Simple Device.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Your own car will give you a speeding ticket

In this video on you tube you will learn how you may be turned into the local police for speeding. This will be in every car a by law.

Video by AdrenalineAdded

this video from Nav Alert
If you want one of these Nav Alert look for banner link on this blog for the manufacture of this product.

Look for photo enforcment camera locations on this page.